About Sydney Lucas

Sydney Lucas has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 14 years and a Board Certified Supervisor since 2006. She specializes in Couples and Adults as well as Christian Counseling. She also enjoys the teaching and supervision of LPC Interns and students.

3 Common Myths of Christian Counseling

Some people might want to see a Christian Counselor because it resonates with their belief system.  But what should you expect? Are we going to just read the Bible together?  Will they judge me?  Are they just going to tell me to pray about it? Let’s look at 3 of the common myths: “Preachy.” A [Read more...]

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Client Questions, Part 2

As promised, here is the second installment of questions you wish you could ask you therapist, but may be afraid to. Let's jump right in: 1. Do you look me up on social media? Consensus: No. Most of the time, the therapist wants to get to know you when you come in for the first [Read more...]

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Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Therapist: Part 1

Have you ever wanted to ask your therapist something, but were afraid to do so?  Well, have no more fear.  Over the next couple of blogs, I will answer some of these questions and get input from some of my colleagues, so you can finally have the answers! Do you think about our sessions during [Read more...]

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Surviving the Holidays with Your In-Laws

As I sit here, taking a break from all the holiday baking I am responsible for this year, a sense of relief comes over me. This year, I am not hosting and it should be relatively low key.  (Fingers crossed.) When I think about the stress that can come with spending time with family at [Read more...]

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What is a Supervisor Looking for in an Intern?

I remember being so excited when I finally found out that my full license had been processed and published!  This was before the State was doing anything online, so I had to call every Friday (that was the only day they processed LPCs) and see if mine was done.  I had been working so long [Read more...]

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School is Back; Parents Rejoice!

  It is that time of year; the kids are bummed about going back to school, but as busy parents, we are suddenly relieved, even excited.  Is it because we are glad to have someone else watch our kids for 8 hours a day?  Well, maybe, but I doubt it.  We will miss our kids [Read more...]

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Hurricane Harvey: Becoming Resilient

Everyone in Southeast Texas, I mean EVERYONE, has been effected in some way by Hurricane Harvey.  Now it is time to start over; pick up the pieces.  And by now, we have all realized that this is going to take a while to rebuild.  Just like any marathon, it is exhausting, it is taking all [Read more...]

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