About Stefanie Mouton

Stefanie Mouton is a Licensed Professional Counselor intern at Amy Wine Counseling Center in Cypress, Texas. Stefanie enjoys working with adolescents, adults, and couples.

Effective Parenting in a Changing World

Parenting is the most challenging job there is.  No debates necessary. The stakes are high. Effective parents set out to rear productive, responsible members of society.  Our hope is that our children will grow up in a world free from rejection and disappointments.  A world where they will be loved and valued for their individuality. [Read more...]

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More Love: Marriage Reboot

Twenty-two. That’s how many years of marriage I have under my belt. I met my husband while I was a senior in high school. I can remember the day we met like it was yesterday.  One Saturday in December of 1991, I was spending the day with my sister and nephew.  We decided to go [Read more...]

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Mental Health Professionals 101

When faced with a challenge, sometimes it is difficult to determine what type of help is most suited for your needs.  Mental health professionals are varied in their level of expertise and specialty.  Here is a quick reference guide to help you in deciding what type of help you need. Counselors and Therapists The terms [Read more...]

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Winter Blues? Or are You S.A.D.?

As the weather changes and temperatures drop, sometimes our moods follow suit.  Some people experience increased sadness and sluggishness during the fall and winter months.  Winter blues, for some is a manageable and temporary state of sadness and malaise.  For others, the “blues” may be more serious and result in seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.  [Read more...]

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Managing ODD

Are you the parent of a child diagnosed with ODD? Are you doing your best to parent your child with little progress?  You are not alone.  Research suggests that as many as 16% of adolescents have some degree of ODD.  In order to help your child, it’s necessary to first have a clear understanding of [Read more...]

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Hurricane Harvey: Talking to Your Child

Hurricanes and other natural disasters have a long-lasting effect on its victims that extend far beyond the physical damages and loss of material belongings.  The fear and insecurity associated with a traumatic experience may be especially trying for a child. As a parent, educator, or care-taker, providing reassurance and answering questions about a natural disaster [Read more...]

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Bullying or Befriending?

What is Bullying? We have all seen the stories on media outlets, TV shows and movies about bullying. Many of the stories we’ve seen have been disparaging, sometimes ending in tragedy.  Bullying is a real problem with about 21% of students ages 12-18 reporting that they experienced it.  This data, according to the National Center [Read more...]

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Surviving the Teenage Years

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Teenagers are from some planet far, far away yet to be named! This could be why the teenage years are so trying. Parenting is a tough job.  It’s even more challenging during those teenage years.  Beginning around age 13 or 14, teenagers become the smartest people on [Read more...]

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