About Sarah Dailey

Sarah is a Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern at Amy Wine Counseling Center. Sarah enjoys working with young clients, teenage clients, adult clients and couples.

Thirty and Thriving: Structured Play Time Can Help Your Child

Today, parents are busier than ever before and disconnected from their children. Moms, dads, and caretakers… I have one question: Can you give attention to your child for thirty minutes a week? There is no magic wand to help a child behave or to build a relationship with them. Nevertheless, small and intentional deposits into [Read more...]

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How Postpartum Stole Christmas!

Christmas time is approaching. The cups at Starbucks are now red, stores are selling stocking stuffers, treats to bring to the next gathering, and are blasting holiday tunes. You probably have an image in your head of what you wanted this season to look like; longing to experience the joy with the new member of [Read more...]