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Why Your Relationship is Stealthily Unhealthy

  Most people's ideal relationship includes having respect, unconditional acceptance, equality, honesty, and love. The list goes on. Oftentimes, relationships look more like this: “You never think about how your behavior affects other people. You’re selfish!” Sound familiar? Criticism is an attack that dismantles your partner. When we think of unhealthy relationships, we often think [Read more...]

Symbiosis: The Empath and the Narcissist

Dear Empath, You may feel as if your purpose in this life is to facilitate the healing of others. You emotionally feed and water others to watch them abundantly grow. Highly sensitive and highly intuitive, you’re like an emotional sponge, absorbing all of the emotional energy around you. You thrive when you see others happy, [Read more...]

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Gaining Psychological Flexibility Through the Third-Wave of Behavioral Therapy Take a moment and think about your most painful internal experiences. Now, think about the most important values that you hold close to your heart. Is there any relationship between the two? Our most painful experiences and our highest values can often be seen as two [Read more...]

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