About Michelle Wright

I am a Licensed Profession Counselor Intern who primarily works with children, adolescents, and women. I have specialized training in child-centered play therapy, sand-tray therapy, and parent-child interaction therapy.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own and other's emotions.  The 3 parts of emotional intelligence are emotional awareness, managing emotions, and applying emotions to problem solving.  Let’s look at each component a bit closer. Emotional Awareness Firstly, emotional awareness is the ability to learn from feelings.  Reflection is a crucial [Read more...]

Playing the Rivalry Game

Sibling rivalry and peer rivalry are part of life. As human beings, it is natural to want to know where your child ranks in comparison to other children even their own siblings.  It is crucial to remember that every child is different.  No two children understand, conceptualize, or even see events in the same way. [Read more...]

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Breaking Down Trauma and It’s Many Facets

One of the most over utilized words in society today is the word trauma.  It is misused, misinterpreted, and frankly misunderstood.  Psychological trauma is defined as a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a severely distressing event.  It is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds [Read more...]

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Feelings vs Thoughts

  Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to have a logical thought when you get angry?  It’s almost like your brain is hijacked, and someone has replaced it with a constricted version of itself.  If you’ve ever had this happen, you are not alone. An important aspect of thinking rationally is to [Read more...]

Can Play Be Therapy?

The practice of play therapy dates back to the early 1900’s.  Almost every theoretical orientation such as Adlerian, Jungian, Gestalt, Behavioral, and Cognitive has a play therapy component.  Child centered play therapy is the most popular form of play therapy. This provides a safe and non-judgmental space for a child to express themselves with creative [Read more...]

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The Scoop on Potty Training

It has been long debated when the best time to start potty training should commence.  What age is most appropriate? 18 months? 24 months?  Does anybody know?  Early potty training often gets a bad rap. Previous research and studies done associated it with physiological and behavioral problems.  These findings are not backed by research, and [Read more...]

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The Self-Harming Teen

Reasons for Self-Harm Non Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI, or self-harm) is direct and deliberate destruction of one’s own body tissue in the absence of intent to die.  It is when an individual does one or more of the following to their body: Cutting Burning Carving words or symbols Breaking bones Hitting/punching objects Piercing with sharps Head [Read more...]

Hurricane Harvey: The Grief Storm

I recently had the experience of assisting a friend and her family who basically lost all of their physical possessions during the massive flooding brought to us by Hurricane Harvey.  During this process, my friend asked me if I thought it was okay that she was completely devastated by the loss of her home (and [Read more...]

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Building Motivation and Self-Esteem in Children

Many times when we think of building a child’s self-esteem or internal motivation, it comes in the form of compliments, pats on the back, and the words, “good job.”  It is a good thing to give children praise after a job well done, but is this the best way to build an internal system of [Read more...]