About Krystle King

I am a Practicum Student at the The University of St. Thomas currently seeing clients at Amy Wine Counseling in Cypress, Texas.

Harry Potter and Difficult Decisions

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right”- Albus Dumbledore Making Decisions You learn when you are kid to choose between right and wrong, but nothing in life is that simple. When you are working on your mental health, [Read more...]

Finding Inspiration and Hope in Harry Potter

I have always been a person who enjoys escaping to a new world with a movie, tv show, or good book. For me personally, there is no better book to escape to than Harry Potter. I have always been drawn to Harry Potter and now that I am in the mental health field, I still [Read more...]

What does transgender mean?

Understanding transgender youth is an important part of understanding the complexities of human nature. This blog is for you if you have a child who is exploring their gender. It can be hard to support your child if you don’t understand the different identities that young kids are associating with. Fear not! I am here [Read more...]

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What can you do to support someone living with depression?

Do’s and Don’ts of Supporting Someone with Depression Depression is not easy. It is complicated and different for each person who struggles with it. Sometimes, I wonder if people really understand how debilitating it can be. Depression is not just being sad or down in the dumps. It is typically a long term struggle with [Read more...]

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Am I Good Enough? How Far Does the Impact of Cyberbullying Go?

Cyberbullying and the effects on self-worth. As I was browsing through my Facebook, I noticed a status that was disturbing- but not shocking in anyway. Someone posted: “If a girl is over 160 pounds, then she needs to be slapped if she is seen eating anything other than a salad.” One of my friends posted [Read more...]

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