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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Amy Wine Counseling Center in Cypress TX. Lover of the outdoors. Husband and father of three.

Is Your Marriage Child-Centered?

It is difficult to balance nurturing a marriage and the relationship with your kids. I don’t know a couple who doesn’t struggle with this. If you are caught in the child-centered grind, I imagine you’re schedule has become more crowded with child activities.   Disclaimer: I very much believe kids are a blessing and we [Read more...]

Make Your Marriage Stronger by Asking for Less

What do you think a typical marriage looked like 200 years ago?  Do you think their ceremony vows included one of the popular options found from theknot.com below? I promise to be your lover, companion, and friend. Your partner in parenthood, ally in conflict, greatest fan, toughest adversary, comrade in adventure, student, teacher, consolation in disappointment, and accomplice in mischief. This is [Read more...]

When You Hate Your Spouse

I enjoy a good Disney movie.  Is there a better one than Aladdin? That’s a rhetorical question because everyone knows it’s the best. Maybe I enjoy it because it has a happily ever after.  Isn’t it interesting how the movies and shows we watch as kids impact how we view life as adults? I’ll admit, [Read more...]

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When Your Therapist Sucks

I have this theory about why people enjoy Chick-fil-A so much.  It isn’t the food, albeit it is tasty.  It deals with the one thing I’ve never experienced in a CFA restaurant: bad customer service. I’m greeted with a smile when I walk in the door, the cashiers are always friendly, and workers even stop [Read more...]

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The Art of Good Sex

“We’re just not sexually compatible.” “Our bedroom life is boring.” “I don’t enjoy making love anymore.” These are words I have heard spoken in a session with couples. Here’s the good news: no matter your age, it’s not too late to have a mutually meaningful, fulfilling sex life with your partner. “Yeah, right.” (says someone [Read more...]

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Is Your Relationship Toxic?

Things are bad. You’re dissatisfied. You want connection, but they seem to not care as much. You have been unhappy for a while. Are these telltale signs you are in a toxic relationship? Maybe. Maybe not. It certainly does not automatically mean you should pack up and jump ship. However, it does warrant a conversation [Read more...]

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The Silent Killer

The UK began a campaign to combat obesity, heart disease, and depression in 2011. This campaign was not centralized around medication, physical activity or any other individualistic endeavor.  UK’s Campaign to End Loneliness is one battling what many health professionals believe to be one of the largest health concerns of the modern world. Not convinced?  [Read more...]

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It’s Not Your Job to Make Your Spouse Happy

I am going to tell you something about making your spouse happy that I wish you heard a long time ago.  It might sound ludicrous, but hang in there with me. Hopefully I’ll be able to clear it up. Your job isn’t to make your spouse happy. Let me say it again just in case [Read more...]

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Postpartum Depression: How A Husband Can Help

Police found the lifeless body of 28-year-old mother, Elizabeth Davis, in a creek on Thursday, July 19th. Elizabeth, or Libby, was a special education teacher in Plano, TX. She suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth 20 months ago and it recently became more severe. Severe enough for her to drive her vehicle off the [Read more...]

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How Much Is Your Marriage Worth?

$33,391 Is that how much a down payment on a house costs? What about the cost of a new vehicle? Nope. It’s the average amount of money spent by American couples for their wedding day last year. This price doesn't seem too outrageous if you were married last year. However, if you were married in [Read more...]

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