Becoming a Step-Family

March 24, 2020

An Ode to Playfulness

Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable

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At Amy Wine Counseling Center we aim to empower every adult, child, teen, couple, and family on the journey to hope, healing, and happiness. 

About us

Step-family counseling and pre-step family counseling looks very different than counseling your average couple and family. The dynamics are different and there are specific considerations to make when coming together. One of the leading books to help both counselors and the general public learn more about becoming a stepfamily is Ron Deal’s The Smart Stepfamily. This psycho-education material helps step and pre-step families come together in a way that is both psychological and biblical.

Ron’s material is completed in 8 sessions with couples and includes 7 different steps to creating a healthy step family. Ron’s 7 steps are identified as followed:

  1. STEP Up to Discover a Redemptive God

  2. STEP down Your Expectations

  3. Two-STEP: Your Marriage

  4. STEP in Line With the Parenting Team

  5. Side STEP Common Pitfalls

  6. STEP Through the Wilderness Wanderings

  7. STEP Over Into the Promised Land

Ron’s material addresses all of the above points from both a biblical and psycho-educational model in order to help his families enter into a healthy and loving relationship. If people are interested in the material, it comes with a book, DVD series, and a participant’s guide that allows them to take notes as they go. If you struggle with the material, a counselor can help.

Over the next few weeks, I will address the different steps and key factors within them. If you are a step family, or are becoming a step family, keep up your journey. Your hard work will be worth it!