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“Into the Unknown”: Welcoming the Interruptions

By Yemi Lekuti | March 25, 2020
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Imagine taking a stroll down a beautiful green forest with wonderfully scented flowers, creatures of different types making their calls to each other, a calm stream of water to your right and on your left is a blank wooden sign pointing to nowhere. You see the path, but it is one you have never been through. Some of us may experience some nervousness or anxiousness about the new path. Where will it take us? Will we get lost? Can we find our way back to normalcy? You may feel nervous about the uncertainty, however, you can feel confident in your […]

Grieving What Once Was: So, Are We Still Friends?

By Yemi Lekuti | March 24, 2020
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We have all heard that saying: Life happens. We meet some great people. We text and call each other at the craziest times, share hilarious situations that happened at parties, 4 a.m. IHOP runs, impromptu road trips, and having sleepovers. Then, BOOM! Someone goes to graduate school and the other is climbing the corporate ladder. Calls become less frequent. Visits are impossible because of conflicting schedules and distance. And, eventually, proximity makes room for building new friendships. Pick Up Where We Left Off This is what basically happened to someone I still deem a great friend. I hoped that our […]

It’s You & Me vs. The World

By Yemi Lekuti | February 28, 2020
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Have you ever thought back to when you were dating your spouse and felt like there was nothing in the world that you two couldn’t tackle together? You saw your spouse in their element and best light, and you felt like you were on cloud nine. As life together continues, it almost feels like the smallest things seem to wedge their way into your relationship. Whether it is parenting differences, household chores, finances, or how often to have sex, these things can make you examine life itself and you wonder what you can do. Be Basic. This entails you and […]

Parents Having Confident Conversations

By Yemi Lekuti | February 11, 2020
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Whenever I am in session, doing a group talk, or casually speaking with parents, the frequently asked question starts with these curious words: How do I tell my child/teen (fill in the blank)? This is usually followed by an explanation about their anxiousness and uncertainty to deliver. Naturally, there are so many different factors to consider when answering this question because it is often rooted in a feeling parents know all too well: fear. Please do not throw tomatoes at me with my answer: you tell them. We are concise, direct, and ready to receive.  Be Concise Developmentally, you address […]

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