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One of the struggles the mental health field has struggled with was accessibility to those who need services. With social media, millions of people can access 2+ years of graduate work in 60 seconds without, sometimes, having to see a professional. In a way, this has created a watered-down effect on mental health because we hear things like this:

“That person is so narcissistic!”: When mental health buzzwords become a trend

I saw the lava on the floor, bubbling and hurling its molting hot liquid from the couch to the coffee table. I could not let it touch me. I pedaled as quickly as my legs let me before taking my hands off the handles to feel the wind rush past me. I needed to fly. I climbed as high as I could on the tree to see how far my enemy’s ship was. I grabbed the broken branch, pointed in no direction, and yelled, “Arrrrrgh!!” I defended my crew.

An Ode to Playfulness

Play Therapy

parent playing with child

By now, many of us have seen Disney’s animated movie, Encanto. For many of us, we may or may not have realized how many different mirrors were being held up to us as we watched each family member struggle to maintain the matriarch’s projected rules and expectations. We realized that there were messages we carried well into our adulthood, feelings and emotions that we kept lock-and-key or even moments of wondering, “Am I invisible?” 

New Beginnings: The Journey to Healing From Generational Trauma



Imagine taking a stroll down a beautiful green forest with wonderfully scented flowers, creatures of different types making their calls to each other, a calm stream of water to your right and on your left is a blank wooden sign pointing to nowhere. You see the path, but it is one you have never been […]

“Into the Unknown”: Welcoming the Interruptions


Have you ever thought back to when you were dating your spouse and felt like there was nothing in the world that you two couldn’t tackle together? You saw your spouse in their element and best light, and you felt like you were on cloud nine. As life together continues, it almost feels like the […]

It’s You & Me vs. The World

Couples Counseling

Whenever I am in session, doing a group talk, or casually speaking with parents, the frequently asked question starts with these curious words: How do I tell my child/teen (fill in the blank)? This is usually followed by an explanation about their anxiousness and uncertainty to deliver. Naturally, there are so many different factors to […]

Parents Having Confident Conversations