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Sarah is a Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern, Supervised by Huston McComb, MA, LPC-S. Sarah enjoys working with young adults, adults and couples.

More Love: Parents and Poop

By Sarah Howard | February 14, 2018
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What’s really happening in the brains of new parents? When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we were showered with encouragement.  The “Congratulations!” were mixed with comments like “Your life is over”, or “Everything will change” (in some creepy horror movie narrators voice) leaving me feeling a little apprehensive about the baby growing inside me. All of that apprehension and fear, flew out the window the moment we laid eyes on our son for the first time. A learning experience  “Everything will be different”.  This statement seemed so “final” before the birth of our son, but after […]

Mom Guilt

By Sarah Howard | January 2, 2018
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Around 2 years ago, I can remember having a conversation with a friend about how I wasn’t going to be “one of those Moms” that felt guilty about every decision I made.  I was going to be confident in the choices that I made for my kid and I wasn’t going to let him dictate my life. I obviously had no idea what I was talking about. As soon as my son was born, I immediately came to realize that I would be “feeling guilty” everyday for the rest of my life about some aspect of my relationship with him.  […]

So Many Books, So Little Time

By Sarah Howard | November 17, 2017
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Often times in my sessions, clients’ will ask me “What books can I be reading right now to help me with x-y-z?”   You would think that after a few years, I would be able to spout off titles but for some reason, in the moment, I always draw a blank!  This mostly has to do with the fact that there are SO many incredible works on mental health. Reading books while simultaneously going through therapy is what we know as bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy has been proven to not only increase client’s self-esterm and confidence, but also improve their overall quality of […]

#MeToo… I think?: Debunking Sexual Harassment Myths

By Sarah Howard | November 1, 2017
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Sign with metoo

If you’ve had any connection with the outside world, you have probably noticed the increased attention being given to sexual harassment.  Specifically, the hashtag “#metoo” has been bringing awareness to just how rampant sexual harassment really is. But what truly defines sexual harassment?  I think that is a question that our society is struggling with right now because over time, we have been desensitized to what harassment of this nature really looks like. The following are 5 common myths about sexual harassment; data reported was gathered from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Debunking the Myths Myth: It only occurs […]

Hurricane Harvey: Victory Over Vicarious Trauma

By Sarah Howard | September 6, 2017
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hurricane harvey, trauma

When Helping Hurts The immediate and lasting effects of hurricane Harvey to the Texas coast line have taken over media outlets over the past week.  It’s been heartbreaking to watch and hear stories of loss every single day, and to confront the reality that those effected, whether directly or indirectly, will be dealing with the effects for months.  But there is beauty in the ashes and I think we can all agree that the responses of volunteers and emergency professionals has been extremely moving. These helpers see that their fellow “neighbors” are in dire need and they jump to action, […]

Boundaries: Part Two

By Sarah Howard | August 4, 2017
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In my most recent blog, I discussed what boundaries are and shared some examples of different types.  In this blog, I would like to provide a few brief examples of what effective boundaries can look like vs. ones that don’t work.  I will also share a list of warning signs to be aware of that might mean it’s time to re-evaluate your expectations in a relationship. What do effective boundaries look like? Expressed firmly yet courteously (NOT in a threatening way) Communicated with a clear consequence (this encourages compliance) Do not contradict or compromise your personal beliefs or desires Allow […]

Talkin About The “B” Word – Boundaries

By Sarah Howard | July 21, 2017
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Fence providing boundaries

Have you ever wondered what makes each of us so different and unique?  Is there a person you admire because they always seem to maintain healthy friendships and work-life balance?  If you have ever been in a counseling setting, or known anyone who has been, than you know the answer to both of those questions is: boundaries. What are they really though?  Often times, when we began talking about boundaries, we think of something hard and immovable; but let me explain why that is not always the case! What are boundaries? Boundaries are incredible because they allow us to express […]

I Can’t Believe You’re a Working Mom!

By Sarah Howard | July 7, 2017
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The struggle is real As a working mom, I will be the first to tell you that we do NOT have it easy.  But let’s be real: neither do working dads! (Sidenote: I will most likely continue using the phrase working mom, because I myself am a working mom and it’s easier. That doesn’t mean I’m letting dads off the hook!)  And what about single parents?  Every parent who enters the work force will be faced with reality that there will be sacrifices: from missed games to missed promotions or the excitement about a successful career opportunity, quickly followed by […]

Who (Self)-Cares?

By Sarah Howard | April 12, 2017
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Self-Care Sarah Howard

What is self-care and why does it seem so complicated? What is your automatic response when you think of the term “self-care”?  If it’s a positive response, than you are probably very good at implementing it! (Great job!) But if it was something like a yawn or an eye roll…it might be time to take a look at how you are meeting your own physical, mental and emotional needs.  As one of the simplest, most significant forms of stress management, it always seems to be our last resort for a number of reasons.  Here are 3 that I find to […]

Tips for Managing Burnout

By Sarah Howard | March 19, 2017
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Amy Wine Counseling Sarah Henry

We all have those moments in our lives when we hit a wall:  in our job, in parenting, or in school. We feel tired, overwhelmed, and just plain “over it”. So, we take a break. We may spend time with friends or go on vacation and come back feeling rejuvenated, ready to take on all challenges that come our way. What happens when the time away just isn’t enough, or your entire vacation is spent worrying and stressing about returning to the situation you are trying to escape? These can be signs of burnout. What is burnout and how is […]

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