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Patricia is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern at Amy Wine Counseling. She enjoys working with women facing the challenges of life changes through all stages of life, from late teen years well into adult-hood.

[Pandemic] Burnout is Real

By Patricia Aburime | January 28, 2021
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It is a new year but not much else is new in the world. Mask wearing is a mandated norm. Additional new norms include routine sanitizing your groceries and doorknobs as well as the strategic placement of hand sanitizers throughout your most frequented hotspots. Though some parts of the country have opened up, the way of pre-COVID life is a distant memory. For many, these changes in lifestyle (i.e., work from home, virtual school, lack of childcare, homebound for long periods of time) are mentally exhausting. Prolonged periods of lifestyle changes plus the added stressors of societal and political changes […]

Things Therapists Want You to Know

By Patricia Aburime | January 7, 2021
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The therapeutic process can seem a bit intimidating and even mystifying. As a therapist, I often encounter some inaccurate depictions of what others think therapy entails. Pop culture more often than not, depicts the therapeutic process incorrectly. I want to take this opportunity to share some perspectives about therapy. My hope is that the following aspects will be enlightening and encouraging, if you are considering entering therapy at some point this year.    Therapy is not advice giving or telling you what to do. Your therapist is not meant to “tell you what to do” but rather serve as a […]

Recommending Counseling to a Loved One

By Patricia Aburime | November 28, 2020
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Recommending Counseling to a Loved One

“Hey. I think you should see a counselor.” Imagine this scenario playing out with someone you care about deeply. It is the holiday season. You and your loved ones safely gather for a routine family gathering. You notice something is “off” with your [grandmother/cousin/uncle/stepbrother/etc.]. Mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders are not uncommon. It is important to note that 2020 has been an especially trying year that could exacerbate these struggles.  It is difficult to watch a person you care about emotionally struggle. You strongly believe that he/she could benefit from working with a counselor. […]

How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Season Despite COVID-19

By Patricia Aburime | November 21, 2020
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For many, the holiday season was the metaphorical “light at the end of the tunnel” for 2020. Happily, holiday season is officially in full swing; however, it is unfortunately not what was hoped for. The desire to resume some sense of normalcy is strong and the holidays typically signal the start of family traditions and all things jolly and bright. This holiday season is markedly different. So how does one cope with this massively disappointing realization? Below are some helpful ways to safely navigate the novel holiday season at hand.   Just Call It is important not underestimate the power […]

“Positive Vibes Only”: The Danger of Toxic Positivity Culture

By Patricia Aburime | November 10, 2020
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I am sure you have heard generally well-meaning phrases like “everything happens for a reason” or “it will all work out in the end.” I am also sure that the friend or confidant who conveyed the phrase meant well. Or perhaps you yourself uttered those words of encouragement to a struggling loved one. Believe it or not, in one way or another, we have all participated in toxic positivity culture. Positivity or optimism are not a bad concept. In fact, it is an ideal mindset that most strive to maintain. The pursuit to become the idealized version of positive becomes […]

Codependence: The struggle to own YOUR reality

By Patricia Aburime | September 15, 2020
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Difficulty owning your own reality is a crucial symptom to address in the pursuit to overcome codependent-linked thoughts, beliefs, and actions. “Codependents often report that they don’t know who they are.” – Pia Mellody Author and speaker, Pia Mellody, maps out several eye-opening insights in her book Facing Codependence: What it is, Where it comes from, How it sabotages our lives. Among which is a list of core symptoms that many individuals with codependent tendencies struggle with. I particularly found powerful meaning in the third core symptom that she identifies as ‘Difficulty Owning Our Own Reality.’ What should this mean […]

How to Continue: Embracing the New Normal

By Patricia Aburime | July 15, 2020
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It goes without saying; the world is no longer the same. The simplest interactions of yesterday are no more. It is safe to assume that all ages and demographics have been touched by these severe lifestyle changes. Sadly, the young and recent graduates are a demographic that has been greatly impacted by the current pandemic.   I have a friend with two elementary school-aged boys. The other day, the boys woke up and requested that their mother pack their lunches in lunch boxes. She complied and they proceeded to get dressed (like a typical school day), put on their backpacks, […]

Conversations in Isolation

By Patricia Aburime | May 4, 2020
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For most, regional stay-at-home orders have created an opportunity for unprecedented amounts of time at home with our partners. This scenario will unequivocally yield to more time to interact with one another. Interactions vary in some degree. Perhaps there is more emphasis on completing household tasks together or engagement in mutual hobbies. One thing that is certain, there will be an increased opportunity to converse with your partner. It is important to be aware of a few aspects before addressing heavy hitting topics during this time. Let us discuss why and how to go about this:   Unprecedented stressors   […]

Keeping the Spark Alive During Quarantine

By Patricia Aburime | April 13, 2020
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The novel virus, COVID-19, has ushered in a novel way of life for couples and families. Stay-at-home orders across the country have yielded unprecedented amounts of time for togetherness for most. With this new-found abundance of time, there is a multitude of challenges to embrace. From balancing work from home schedules with household-child care duties to battling feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness or isolation. It is sufficed to say, 2020 is a year of uncertainty.    One thing remains clear: this is a period where navigating relationships is key; moreover, this is a period to strengthen valued relationships. For couples, […]

Senior Year Sadness: Missing Anticipated Milestones of High School

By Patricia Aburime | March 25, 2020
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The COVID-19 outbreak has utterly changed day-to-day life as we know it. A simple trip to the grocery store is no longer an act to take for granted. Among these novel changes is the unequivocal loss of normalcy that many Americans feel. As schools and workplaces across the country shut their doors, many families face weeks of self-isolation at home. With isolation comes a sense of loss of routine and anticipated events that will no longer take place. One subsect of Americans that are subject to significant loss are graduating high school seniors. In working with a few of my […]

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