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Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship: Part 2

By Mikayla Williams | November 26, 2019
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I recently posted “Part 1” exploring why you should practice gratitude every day, every moment – not just on Thanksgiving. Here are some signs you need to make gratitude a habit –  You can more easily recall the things your partner has done that upset you than the things your partner does that you appreciate. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – our brains are wired for survival, NOT for happiness. Holding onto the things that your partner has done that have hurt you may be a protective measure. Recognizing negative or toxic patterns isn’t a bad […]

Your Anxiety Monster is Calling

By Mikayla Williams | November 12, 2019
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We often think as our anxiety as a monster lurking under our bed that only gets bigger as we get older. He feeds on our insecurities, never-ending life stressors, every embarrassing moment we have, and every failed relationship we experience. We become too familiar with that tightness in our chest and inability to breathe. We know that at the very least, anxiety can be pretty distracting, and can become absolutely life consuming. You may feel that your anxiety hinders you from living a full life – going to that event, calling that person you like, getting up on the stage […]

Why “Thankful Season” Should Last All Year Long in Your Relationship

By Mikayla Williams | November 12, 2019
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It’s thankful season! Each year, we gather around and one-by-one share what we’re grateful for. We likely put more thought into what we appreciate on that one day than we do in the entire year leading up to it. We often say something like “I’m thankful for my partner and the life we’ve created,” and it stops there. Gratitude, though, isn’t just found in the big things – it’s in the small gestures, the little, every-day moments, and isn’t something we should reserve just for the month of November.  Big Living Arrangement Change, Little Arguments: My partner and I moved […]

Stop Should-ing on Yourself

By Mikayla Williams | November 12, 2019
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I have a birthday coming up. I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday, but this year feels a little different. As I’m approaching another year of my life, I am increasingly aware that my life looks much different in reality than what I had imagined it would as I was younger. I spent some time imagining that ideal life that my younger self had dreamed up, and can’t help but notice that I’m pretty far off. Of course, this is not an indication that I’m not happy with where I’m at in life – I’m actually extremely proud of myself and […]

Your Past Self Keeps Knocking – Here’s Why (and How) You Should Answer the Door: Part 1

By Mikayla Williams | September 9, 2019
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Is It In the Past? You probably hear things like “the past is the past” and “you should just let it go” often – they’re common sayings. In part, this is good advice. Of course, the past is the past – this is true. Additionally, yes, it’s a great thought to be able to move on from something painful – we don’t want to forever hover over something that happened in our past, keeping us from the present moment. How can you unroll the contents of your life like it’s film, cutting out the bad parts, though? Thing is – […]

To those who have lost someone to suicide,

By Mikayla Williams | August 22, 2019
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You Are Not Alone September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Initially, you may appreciate the statistics and the acknowledgment. When the month ends, though, you may feel complete invalidation. No amount of awareness can ever yield justice for who you were robbed of. Nothing can keep the endless, ignorant suicide comments at bay. You likely feel alienated from the rest of society. You may notice others’ uncomfortability when having to answer that one big question of “how did they die?” – that you and your loss are somehow impure and therefore rejected. While people can understand that losing a loved […]

An Open Letter to My Psychotherapy Clients

By Mikayla Williams | August 13, 2019
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You walk into my office thinking I’m the expert. You glance at my diplomas, license, and certificates. While yes, I am the therapist; you are the expert of your own life.  My job is to facilitate awareness as we dismantle mistaken beliefs you’ve developed, to empower you to gain control over your life, and to metaphorically hold your hand as we clean out your emotional wounds. Over the weeks of working together, you tell me how something I said uncovered a hidden connection, or that an activity I suggested shifted your perspective. As I’ve walked with you on your journey […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Bipolar Disorder

By Mikayla Williams | July 25, 2019
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When the outside doesn't match the inside

You feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster – instead it’s going in slow motion, the lows are REALLY low, and the highs…MAN are they exhilarating. The Bipolar High! During those highs, you have so much energy. Even with little to no sleep, you feel like you can tackle anything and everything. You seek excitement in this euphoric state, often leading to chaos, like extreme financial decisions and sexually irresponsible behavior. That doesn’t take away from your elevated self-esteem and abnormally increased goal-directed activity. You begin one new project after another, leaving your unfinished creation in the dust as […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part Two

By Mikayla Williams | July 16, 2019
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When the outside doesn't match the inside

Your alarm clock goes off in the morning after a night of restless tossing and turning. You slowly get out of bed and feel “off”. Showering is exhausting, and getting dressed takes so much energy that you’re ready to crawl right back into bed. You think to yourself – “why bother? Nobody is going to notice if I miss work, anyway.” You struggle with feeling like maybe you don’t deserve that job– that someone as worthless as you couldn’t possibly be the best fit. You’ve had a hard time making decisions lately, and you just can’t stay focused on anything […]

When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside: Part One

By Mikayla Williams | June 26, 2019
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Persistent Depressive Disorder You’re the one always smiling and laughing to prove that you’re having fun in the social setting that you forced yourself to go to. You ask yourself, “can people see through my façade?,” and feel guilty for possibly pulling them down with you. Maybe joy comes in small waves. However, your laughter has been fake for so long that you don’t even know what’s real anymore. You’re hurting on the inside, but no one asks. Therefore, no one knows. You stand still and look out the window as those around you keep moving forward. You tell yourself […]

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