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Tackling Family Challenges: A teen’s guide to surviving and thriving in the midst of conflict

By Kristin King | May 4, 2020
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Conflict is inevitable.  As long as we have relationships, we will experience conflict.  Research even shows that conflict can be a vital part of strengthening relationships, as we work to rebuild the connection together relationships can go on to be stronger than they were initially.   For many of us, we are spending more time with our immediate family than ever before.  Sometimes inevitably more time can equal more conflict rising to the surface.  Teenager, you are not powerless in navigating family relationships.  There are some tools to help you move towards less family conflict.   Apologize and forgive   […]

Supporting Your Teen Through the Quarantine

By Kristin King | May 4, 2020
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For most of us, it has been more than six weeks of practicing social distancing.  Six weeks of learning a new normal, of experiencing the missed events and connections, and of coping with drastic, unexpected changes in our lives.   As we have learned to navigate our current reality as adults, we also have the opportunity to walk our teenagers through this quarantine in a healthy way, while teaching them tools and skills that they can utilize throughout their lifetimes.   Help them to manage their uncomfortable emotions There can be a roller coaster of emotions for most of us […]

8 Strategies to Show Yourself Some Love: Learning the Art of Self-Care as a Teenager

By Kristin King | April 13, 2020
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Years ago I heard an analogy that has stuck with me.  We are all buckets, containers in which water can be put into.  As we move through life, our buckets get little holes and the water begins to seep out.  This is normal as we experience the stressors of school, jobs, relationships, and other problems or concerns that drain us.  For the most part, we can easily replace the water that drains out of these holes. We become accustomed to draining some water and filling our bucket back up again and again through the everyday rhythm of life.   Sometimes, […]

Finding Peace When the World Around Us Feels Out of Control

By Kristin King | March 24, 2020
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We are in the midst of uncharted territory as a country, a world, and as individuals.  Every day we hear and take in new information, adjust plans, and manage our fears, anxieties and limitations as COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on our world. Although most of us have never experienced a pandemic, you have no doubt experienced hardship.  And the reality is that while we may never live through another pandemic, we will no doubt experience pain, loss, disappointment, uncertainty and sickness again.  And we all have a choice whether we will be victims of our circumstances or […]

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