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Parenting a Chronically Ill Child

By Kristin King | January 13, 2021
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Raising a child with an ongoing illness can pose many challenges for couples, and the family as a whole. Learning to navigate these challenges in a productive manner is essential for maintaining stability within the family unit, not just with the affected child. Parenting under these circumstances can negatively impact couple relations, the relationships they have with their other children, and the health and well-being of the parents themselves. Here are some guidelines to help face these challenges and ease the fear and anxiety that comes with raising a child with a chronic condition.   Honest Communication In order for […]

Embracing the Holidays, COVID Style

By Kristin King | November 25, 2020
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Embracing the holidays, COVID style

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has impacted every person in big ways and small ways, across a variety of situations. For almost 8 months, each individual across the globe has had to adjust aspects of life as we collectively protect ourselves and fight against this virus. Halloween is behind us, which means we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. The season comes with so much: family gatherings, holiday parties, nights out with friends, shopping, worshiping, and more. As we approach the holidays during this unique time in life, we can certainly anticipate that the holiday season will look different for us […]

Boundaries, Part 2: Examples of Healthy Boundaries

By Kristin King | November 17, 2020
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Examples of Healthy Boundaries

In last week’s blog post, we introduced the idea of boundaries.  To recap, boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits. They are built out of a mix of conclusions, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, past experiences and social learning. Personal boundaries help to define an individual by outlining likes and dislikes and setting the distances one allows others to approach. Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and, really, a healthy life. Setting and sustaining boundaries […]

Boundaries: Why In The World Are They Important?

By Kristin King | November 14, 2020
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Boundaries - Why In The World Are They Important?

Your decisions are disregarded. You take on the blame for something that is not your fault. You feel frustration or resentment about how others treat you. You experience shame. You frequently justify others’ behaviors. Most of us have experienced one or more of these in our lifetime. And many of us feel these statements are reality for us most of the time. While this list is certainly not exhaustive, if you recognize yourself in any of these statements, it might be beneficial to explore the idea of boundaries.   What are boundaries? Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a […]

Experiencing Information Fatigue? Creating intentional boundaries around what we look at and listen to

By Kristin King | September 20, 2020
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What we think affects how we feel.   The information we input has impacts on what we output. In this day and age of a pandemic, racial tension, an upcoming election, and even hurricane news, we are overwhelmed with information from the media.  In counseling, I am hearing clients say more and more that they are seeing and feeling the effects of the amount of media (and social media) they are ingesting right now.  The reality is, our world is hard right now.  We must find a balance between being informed and being overloaded with information. Take a gauge of how […]

The Struggle Is Real: Navigating the Unknown as the School Year Approaches

By Kristin King | September 9, 2020
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Whether or not you have children or work as a teacher, without a doubt you are privy to the current struggles and challenges related to the rapidly approaching school year. As the mother of four young children, my husband and I have spent a lot of time lately considering our options, attempting to arrive at a decision we feel comfortable with, and attempting to navigate our practical concerns and fears  Whether you are a parent trying to make a choice, a teacher who does not have a choice, or maybe both, there are some things we can all consider about […]

Coping: Healthy or Unhealthy?

By Kristin King | August 2, 2020
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Life is full of stress.  Some of the stress on us comes in the form of the positive (eustress) and some in the form of the negative (distress), however regardless of the type of stress we are constantly navigating stressors in our lives.   In order to endure and triumph over stress, we naturally utilize coping mechanisms in everyday life.  Coping Mechanisms are the actions we take to deal with stress, problems, anxieties, or uncomfortable emotions.    Coping mechanisms (also known as coping strategies or coping skills) are natural, normal, and can be beneficial.  In the process of gauging the […]

Is it time to say YES to counseling?

By Kristin King | July 31, 2020
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I have been a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor for 13 years. I have treated hundreds of men, women, teens, and couples. I have seen many people have great success in therapy, often with life changing results. And yet one of the statements that I frequently hear is “I don’t think it’s so bad that I need counseling”.   For many people, counseling is a new, uncomfortable, humbling experience. I get it, it’s not easy. But neither is living under the weight of the same struggles over and over again!   So how can YOU know when it’s time to say […]

Jesus and Anxiety: faith and struggle are not mutually exclusive

By Kristin King | July 22, 2020
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I love Jesus. And I also struggle. I am no stranger to fear and worry and anxiety. For years I was told things like “just trust God more” and “worry is a sin” and “you should pray more”.  And yet despite a love for the Lord that resonates to the core of who I am, I couldn’t ever seem to completely will away the fear or the worry. And for years I thought I was doing it wrong.  I thought maybe I was just not a “good Christian” or wasn’t trying hard enough.  I wondered how I could believe all […]

A New Normal? Navigating Feelings About the World Opening Back Up.

By Kristin King | July 18, 2020
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Over the past two months, we have collectively experienced a first.  For most of us, we have never lived through a pandemic and all that comes with it.  We have examined how to adjust to the changes, looked at how to manage our anxiety in the midst of it all, and attempted to cultivate new normals in regards to relationships, our mental health, and our daily routine.   But after all the figuring out a new normal, now we are opening back up.  Many of us are going back into offices, many of us are spending time with more people, […]

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