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For most children the end of the year is usually a time of great excitement and joy, lots of gifts and treats, visits with extended family and family friends, lots of fun things to do, and unfortunately, more frequent tantrums and other challenging behaviors. 

Holiday Overwhelm, tantrums, and challenging behaviors

Transitioning from parenting a young child to parenting a tween can have its challenges, but keeping an open mind and learning to be more flexible will bring you and your child more joy. Adapting your parenting to fit the needs of your teenager-to-be requires a change in rules, communication patterns, expectations, collaboration, and ways of connecting with your child.

4 Things Your Tween Wants You to Know (And Do!)

Teen Counseling

Consider the following scenarios. You are trying to get out the door in the morning, already running ten minutes late, and your preschooler refuses to put on his shoes. Bedtime is fast-approaching and your second grader refuses to take a shower and brush her teeth. It’s time to leave for an appointment and your middle schooler won’t turn off the TV. 

When your child is struggling try to slow. it. down.


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