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What is Emotional Intelligence?

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | December 23, 2019
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Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.  There are three parts of emotional intelligence which include: emotional awareness; the ability to manage and regulate emotions (in yourself and others); and the ability to connect and apply emotion to thinking and problem solving situations.  Let’s look at each component a bit closer. Emotional Awareness Emotional awareness is the ability to learn from feelings.  Reflection is a crucial part of emotional awareness. When we reflect on our feelings, we are acknowledging and making sure we understand them correctly.  Having a […]

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Combat Anxiety in Adolescents and Children

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | December 6, 2019
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When we hear the word anxiety, we often associate it with adult stress and uncertainties.  Anxiety is defined by a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, usually surrounded by an event that often yields an uncertain outcome.  Anxiety for adults can manifest as persistent worry, fear, panic, sleeping problems, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, the list goes on and on.  But what does anxiety look like in a child, and how does it present itself? Unrecognized anxiety in children and adolescents is a common problem, not only in schools, but in the home setting as well.  One specific way that […]

Kindness Always Wins

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | November 26, 2019
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Do Things For People Not Because of Who They Are or What They Do In Return, But Because of Who You Are – Harold S. Kushner   Being kind not only has a direct effect on others, but it has a positive impact on you as well. Everybody can use a little bit of kindness in their life, and with World Kindness Day just passing on November 13th, it is about time to start spreading the love. Kindness starts with you and with kindness quotes, it’s easy to spread a little love. Of course, being kind is pretty self-explanatory, but […]

Living Vicariously Through Your Child

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | November 12, 2019
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To live vicariously through your child often means to push your own ambitions onto your offspring in order to gain a feeling of success or achievement.  More than anything, most parents desire for their children to have wonderful lives. For many parents, this means reassuring that their kids do not make the same mistakes as they did.  Many parents also feel pressure to give their families certain advantages or to conform to an unrealistic ideal of parenthood.  Most parents do not intend to harm their children and truly believe they are doing what is in a child’s best interests. It’s […]

What to Know About Caring for Someone with a Terminal Illness

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | November 12, 2019
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Everyone has a different reaction when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness.  When we found out that my mother had cancer, we were at a loss for what the next steps were in order to provide for her, as well as take care of our own children and family.  The ultimate fact was, my mother needed help more now than ever. The following are ways in which you can help an ailing family member or loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Ask Your Loved One What They Want Everyone has a different reaction […]

Suicide: What to Know

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | September 9, 2019
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Suicide: What to Know

World Suicide Prevention Day is held on September 10, 2019 to create worldwide awareness with a focus on raising commitment and action to prevent suicide.  According to WHO, approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide, that is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. For each individual who takes his/her own life, at least 20 attempt to do so. Suicide has a global mortality rate of 16 per 100,000 people. What Are The Warning Signs of Suicide? Excessive sadness or moodiness: Long-lasting sadness, mood swings, and unexpected rage. Hopelessness: Feeling a deep sense of hopelessness about the future, with little expectation that circumstances […]

What To Consider Before Letting Your Child Have a Sleepover

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | August 13, 2019
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An educated parent is the best one to choose if and when a sleepover is appropriate for their child.  As a parent, if you do choose to let your child sleep over with a friend, there are some factors to consider.  Having a “family sleepover policy” is a great way to protect your child, and create some boundaries when it comes to sleepovers. Family Sleepover Policy First ground rule in our home when it comes to sleepovers is, we must know the child and the child’s parents before our kids are allowed to have a sleepover.  This may seem simple, […]

Cinema Therapy

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | July 23, 2019
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Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy an inspirational movie, and it just lit up your world?  I oftentimes find myself choosing movies with themes that mirror my current situation or problem. It’s almost like the characters in the movie take on the role of the person or condition that challenge me, or subjects that are close to my heart. What is Cinema Therapy? “Cinema therapy” is real and is sometimes prescribed by therapists. However, it’s usually a self-administered opportunity to do interventional work in the privacy of your own home. Cinema therapy is the process of using movies […]

Vicarious Trauma

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | July 16, 2019
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When we experience overwhelming volumes of information—especially information that holds an emotional charge—our bodies, minds, and spirit adapt to help us cope. At times, the way we cope may help in the moment but may have negative long-term results. While there are signs you or a person you know may be dealing with vicarious trauma, everyone copes differently. If you notice any of your own experiences in the following list, please remember solutions exist. Exhaustion and physical ailments Constant tiredness, even after resting Physical body tension Headaches, back pain, and wrist pain Difficulty falling asleep or excessive sleeping Falling sick […]

The Cycle of Anger

By Amy Wine Counseling Center | June 25, 2019
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Have you ever wondered how you can go from zero to thirty on the anger scale in such a short amount of time?  Anger is an undesirable emotional state ranging from mild annoyance to intense rage. Anger may be stimulated by frustration, vocal insult, physical hostility, perceptions of unfairness and injustice, etc. Because anger is also related to aggression, anger has the potential to cause harm. For those in relationships, angry feelings might also fuel a malicious cycle of reciprocated anger and damaging behaviors. The Cycle The first event that occurs during the cycle of anger is the triggering event.  […]

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