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When you think of being in “survival mode,” what comes to mind? Surviving on scraps, you find in the wilderness? Jumping at every sudden noise with a knife in hand?  While these dystopian images may seem not far fetched for some, being in survival mode may encompass far more than just these extremes. It refers […]

Being OK with Surviving

You are the person behind the scenes of the front lines. You aren’t answering the emergency calls, walking the hospital ward, or in contact with virus positive people every day throughout the day, but you are making sure the community has people who can. You are supporting your loved one as they are on the […]

When Your Spouse is on the Virus Front Lines – To the Spouses of First Responders and Healthcare Workers

Adult Counseling

You are on the front lines of this crisis. So many other people are talking about things to keep themselves busy during this time, and you are wishing you had that luxury to be bored. You are working around the clock as a caregiver, a protector, the first line of defense in this panic. It […]

First Responder and COVID19


Eating, sleeping, resting – all of these are just basic physical needs right?  However… these needs are basically non-existent for some. How many of us feel like we are constantly running in the negative with one, two, or all three of these constantly? Whether you are a parent, college student, business owner, active in your […]

“Am I Mad or Just Hungry?” – How Not To Light Everything On Fire When Your Physical Needs Aren’t Met

Adult Counseling

A couple months ago I shared a post on my Instagram (@realtalkandrainbowscounseling – you should follow me!) about bringing my toddler in to my own therapist to help us both deal with his new found desire for shrieking, because therapists need therapists as well! Update, 2.5 months later… it is still his favorite sound.  Two […]

When Your Toddler’s Big Emotions Give You Big Emotions!

Adult Counseling

You’ve done all the right things, you’ve scheduled the babysitter, made reservations, picked out an outfit and have been looking forward to this date night with your spouse all week. The day comes… and for whatever reason, plans fall through and you have to stay at home with the kids. Date night is ruined… or […]

Date Night…In? A How To Guide!


Hi! I’m the quirky redhead in crazy socks and changing color hair that shakes your hand every week before taking your kid to either the magical toy room or my comfy office, where we then re-emerge 30 or 45 minutes later, I smile, your child joins you and then you go off about your day. […]

An Open Letter To The Parents of My Child and Adolescent Clients

Childrens Counseling

We are at the beginning of a new year! Full of time when many of us make resolutions about how we are going to improve our minds, our bodies, and our lives. One of the ways we can do this is to constantly challenge ourselves.  Not only physically in the gym, but also mentally with […]

Five TED Talks to Spark New Thoughts in the New Year


The Truth. Authenticity – it’s something that we crave, we seek after, we talk about, but when it faces us, it’s often uncomfortable and we don’t know what to do with it. We are used to the truth being brushed off and prettied up for us, or having extra sharp edges added to it and […]

Sometimes Life Just Sucks..and That’s OK

Adult Counseling

You’re not worried if the bridge is going to collapse while driving.  You’re not losing sleep about if all the pillows are lined up straight downstairs on the couch.  You’re not worried about catching a life threatening illness from using a public washroom. You’re worried when your next hospital trip is going to be.  You’re […]

“It’s Not If, It’s When” – Managing Anxiety for Parents of Kids with Chronic Illnesses