Amy Wine


You really can’t speak to another person’s experience unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. Having been on the other side of the couch — right where you are thinking about going at the moment — I can appreciate what you are probably thinking and feeling right now. I know just how difficult it can be to make the decision to take that initial step and reach out for professional support. I can recall those same feelings you may be having of being overwhelmed, fearful, and anxious. I also remember the excitement and anticipation of change.

In working together, because I personally understand and appreciate your struggle, you will find I will keep things real and down to earth in our sessions. I appreciate that it may sometimes feel like you simply can’t step off the roller coaster and take a breath. My role is to meet you right where you are and in whatever life circumstance you currently find yourself. I provide a safe place where you can slow down and will support you in finding ways to get off that roller coaster, regaining the control you may feel you have lost.

Just like you, I live in the real world. I make mistakes with my friends, my spouse, my children, and my extended family. It is what we do with our mistakes that defines who we are, and where our healing starts. I personally believe you can be who you want to be and have the life you desire, no matter how painful things seem at the moment.

Children and Teens

Kids, whether they are children or teens, are more willing to share their thoughts and feelings when they feel safe. Through play, using toys and games, I create a place that’s just for them where they can feel safe and open to exploring their emotions and relationships. Once they feel comfortable, they often become eager to make the changes they need to make. You’d be amazed at what can come out of a simple game of UNO cards with an adolescent or teen—especially when they can’t seem to beat me!

By making your child or teen’s counseling experience fun, it gives me the opportunity to support them in doing work that sometimes they don’t even realize is happening. This kind of approach with kids moves them through their process quickly. That’s important because children shouldn’t be kept in counseling longer than they need to be there. I work hard to keep a child or teen’s time with me focused, so their unique, individual experience is both as fruitful and as brief as possible.

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3 Fun Facts About Amy

Get to know Amy a little better!

I love tacos!

My favorite smell is play dough and yes, I get that is weird.

I am a big book nerd!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor (LPC-S)
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate - Supervisor (LMFT-S)
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Texas Teaching Certifications: Early Childhood thru 6th grade; English as a Second Language; Special Education
  • Dr. John Gottman’s 7 Principles for Making a Marriage Work Certified Educator
  • Prepare & Enrich Pre-Marital Workshop Certified Facilitator


  • Master’s Degree in Counseling from Houston Graduate School of Theology
  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Liberty University
  • Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, Lone Star College
  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Lone Star College